Audio Book Speed Calculator

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Audio Book Speed Calculator

Audio Book Speed Calculator

Total duration of the audio book (in minutes):

Desired duration you want to finish in (in minutes):

An Audiobook Speed Calculator is a tool that helps determine the playback speed of an audiobook based on the length of the book and the desired duration you want to finish it in. The purpose is to adjust the playback speed to finish the book within a specific timeframe.

How to Use Audio Book Speed Calculator

  1. Input the original length of the audiobook.
  2. Input the desired duration in which you want to finish the audiobook.
  3. Apply the formula to calculate the playback speed needed.

For example, if the original audiobook length is 8 hours and you want to finish it in 4 hours:

Playback Speed=8 hours/4 hours=2

This means you’d need to set the playback speed to 2 times the original speed to finish the audiobook in 4 hours.

Math formula for calculating audiobook speed

Playback Speed= Original Audiobook Length ​/ Desired Duration

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you have an audiobook that is 10 hours long, and you want to finish it in 5 hours. Using the formula:

Playback Speed=10 hours / 5 hours=2

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