Blue label price in India [January 2024]

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Blue label price in India: Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a Premium Blended Scotch Drink Known for its unique Flavours and Characteristics. Made with some of the best and rarest whiskies from Scotland, the popularity of Blue Label is Unmatched in India.

Initially, this Brand was Established by John Walker when he started selling whiskies from his grocery shop. But after the Death of John Walker in 1857, His Son and Grand Son Established the Brand in the 1860s. Alexander Walker who is John’s son, introduced the brand’s iconic square bottle which became its identity.

Currently, with Annual Sales of 14.1 million 9-liter cases, Johnnie Walker is the world highest highest-selling Scotch whisky. In India, Johnnie Walker has become a symbol of Premiumness.

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The Johnnie Walker comes in more than 12 varieties and the Blue label is among the most popular Ones. From Weddings to Get-togethers and House Parties, Blue Label is best Suited for Every occasion. In this article, we have shared the Updated Blue Label price in India.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Price in India – Updated

State/ CityVolumePrice
Blue Label Price in Delhi1 Liter₹27190
Blue Label price in Goa750ml ₹21000
Blue Label Price in Mumbai750ml ₹23250
Blue Label Price in Haryana750ml₹15500
Blue Label Price in UP750ml₹19750
Blue Label Price in Rajasthan750ml₹16730
Blue Label Price in Kerala750ml ₹24530
Blue Label Price in Dehradun750ml₹20000
Blue Label Price in Tamil Nadu750ml₹29900
Blue Label Price in Chhattisgarh750ml ₹25286
Blue Label Price in MP750ml₹15374
Blue Label Price in Kolkata750ml₹15410
Blue Label Price in Bangalore750ml₹18620
Blue Label Price in gurgaon750ml₹15750
Blue Label Price in Andhra Pradesh750ml₹27000
Blue Label Price in Hyderabad750ml₹23860
Blue Label Price in Assam750ml ₹27000

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Variants

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label is Available in Two Different Varients that are Blue Label Blended Scotch and Johnnie Walker Blue Label Xordinaire. Both The Varients of Blue Lable have Their taste and Flavours.

Blue Label Blended Scotch: The Blue label Blended scotch is the regular variant of Blue Labe. Made with some of the Best Whisky from Scotland, the blue-label blended scotch has Great flavors and Characteristics. With flavors of Chocolate, hints of grass, and malt, Blue Label Blended scotch is appreciated by Most of the whisky enthusiasts in India.

Blue Label Xordinaire: This is the premium variant of Blue Label whisky. Available only in 1 Liter pack, The Blue Label Xordinaire is also one of the most expensive whiskies in India costing around ₹33,390. Talking about its Flavours, the Blue Label Xordinaire has all the flavors of Blue bale Blended scotch but with a smoother and sweeter Flavor.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Sizes Available

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is typically available in two different bottle sizes which are 750ml (Standard Size) and 1 liter. The price of Blue label in India Depends upon the size of the Bottle and the variety You Purchase.

Usually, the Airport Duty-Free Shops have lower prices compared to the Local Wine/whisky Dealers. It is recommended to purchase Blue Level from the airport to save some bucks.

Blue label price in Delhi 750ml

Currently, the Price of Blue Label 750ml in Delhi is Around ₹15750. However, the Rate of Whisky Depends on various other factors such as the location where It is being sold, Local taxes, and Manufacturing. It is recommended to visit Your nearest Drink shop to check the exact Blue Label price in Delhi for a 750ml Bottle.

What is the price of Blue Label 750ml in Mumbai?

The price of Blue Label 750ml in Mumbai is ₹23250. The Premium Variant of the Blue label which is Blue Label Xordinaire will cost You around ₹27190. However, it is recommended to visit Your Nearest Whisky shop to find the exact price.

Blue Label Whisky Review

About Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky

TypeScotch whisky
Alcohol Percentage40%
Country of originScotland
Establishment Year1919

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Price of Blue Label in India?

The price of Blue Label in India Starts from 15000 and Goes all the way up to 33000 Depending upon bottle size and variant.

Blue Label price in India 1000ml

The Blue label Price in India for 1000ml is Around ₹27190.

Blue label price in goa 750ml

The Blue Label 750ml Price in Goa is Around ₹21000

What is the price of Blue Label in Haryana?

The price of Blue Label in Haryana for 750ml is ₹15500.

Why is Blue Label so expensive?

Blue Label is expensive because of its high-quality ingredients, limited production, and luxurious packaging.

Blue label price in Assam 750ml

The Blue label price in Assam for 750ml is ₹27000
In Conclusion

Blue Label is one of the most popular Scotch whiskies in India. With its Great flavors, Characteristics, and Premiumness, the Blue Label is Appreciated by Whisky enthusiasts not just in India but all around the world.

We hope this article answers all Your queries about Blue label price in India. If You have any other queries related to Blue label Price, Varients, or Sizes, Please Feel Free to Share them with us in the comments below.