Fake loan app harassment complaint 2024

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Fake loan app harassment complaint: With the growing demand for quick loan Apps, numerous financial startups have emerged to solve this problem. However, alongside legit Apps that are Approved by RBI, many Fake Loan apps have been developed. With the assurance of quick loans with minimal documentation, these apps Target Innocent Individuals and harass Them.

With a Good user interface, Quick Loan Promises, and Zero documentation requirements, Most of these fake apps seem Legitimate at first sight. It has become Difficult to Find genuine apps that offer Quick Loans. We have written a Detailed article on RBI Approved Quick Loan Apps, You Should Read that article to know the Legit apps.

Over the past few years, the report of Cyber Crimes has Increased a Lot. Countless People Have Fallen for These Traps through Fake Loan apps and been Harassed on phone calls, messages, and even public shaming. The victims of these Fake Loan app harassments Often Find themselves helpless because there is no proper help offered.

If You are also a victim of these apps and looking for more information on Fake loan app harassment complaint Numbers/Emails, then You are at the Right Place. In this article, we have discussed a detailed guide on reporting harassment you might face from these apps.

Fake loan app harassment complaint Website

With the rise of loan app harassment in India, the government of India has established the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre. The Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre is an initiative by the government of India to deal with cybercrime.

If You Have Been a victim of any cybercrime, You can Lodge Your complaint on the Cybercrime Portal. Complaint registered on this Portal Handlede by the law enforcement agencies and Local Police. Follow the steps Mentioned Below to File a complaint against 7 days loan app harassment.

Step 1: Open Brower on Your Mobile / Computer and Search for the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal or Directly On the Link – https://www.cybercrime.gov.in/

Step 2: On the Homepage Click on the “File a Complaint” Button. On the Next page, Accept the Terms and Conditions.

Step 3: Click on the “Report Cyber Crime” Button.

Step 4: First, Complete the Registration to File a complaint. Select Your State, Email ID, Mobile Number, and Captcha, and click on Submit.

Step 5: Once the Registration Process is Done, You will be able to file your complaint on the Cyber Crime Portal.

After You have Successfully Filed a complaint, You will be given an acknowledgment Number for Future reference. You can use this acknowledgment Number to Track Your Complaint on the Same Web Portal.

7 days loan app harassment complaint number

Along with the Web Portal, the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal also offers a Helpline Number to register a complaint. Dial 1930 from your Mobile Number to file a complaint against any Harassment or Online Fraud. By Contacting 1930, You can be assured that Your Concerns are Handled Appropriately.

Fake loan app harassment complaint

While Reporting a Complaint, make sure to provide details such as Your bank Statement, money transfer receipts, Fraud Website, or app Name. This will help the Police to efficiently work on Your case and also work as a piece of evidence. Your cooperation is immensely valuable in the fight against cyberbullying and harassment.

How Do Fake Loan Apps Operate?

Most of the Loan apps available in the market are being operated with a Fake Company name and Other Details. They are not Approved by the Reserve Bank of India nor they are recognized by any Government of India. These apps target those Individuals who are in need of urgent Financial Aid.

These apps use Social media Advertisements to attract customers to their Portal. Once users download and install the app and provide their personal information, these fraudulent apps may approve loan applications almost instantly, but they also illegally take access to users’ data including their saved contact Numbers, Photos, and Banking Info.

Once They have access to users’ Mobile Phones and Their Personal Data, these apps Start harassing them and asking for Money. Users are often not aware of the Hidden charges and high interest rates associated with these Loan apps. Most of the time these apps don’t even Provide Loans, But even if they do, they will charge a high interest rate which Most people are unable to pay.

How to keep ourselves safe from fake loan apps in India

Taking a Loan to fulfill your financial requirements is Not a bad thing. However, from whom You are Taking a loan is Important. Today when a Taking is Loan is just a few clicks away, it is important to be alert. Below Mentioned are the Three Important points to Keep ourselves Safe from Fake Loan apps in India.

  • Check Company Background: Most of the fake Loan apps offering Loan doesn’t have a Proper Background. Either They are Run with fake company Details or by a Company registered outside India. To Help Borrowers with genuine Companies, the Reserve Bank of India has also issued a list of registered NBFCS or Non-Banking Financial companies that are 100% Safe to Use. Read this Detailed article on the Top 50 RBI-approved loan apps in India 2023
  • Never Share any Personal Information: After You have Installed the fake loan apps on Your Smartphone, these apps will Ask You to provide Your Aadhar Number, PAN Details, Bank information, ID Proof, and signature. Never Share Your Personal Data with these Apps because they can Misuse this Information to commit different crimes.
  • Read User Reviews and Ratings: Read reviews and ratings from other People who have used the app. Pay attention to both positive and negative feedback to get a more accurate understanding of the app’s reputation. Be cautious if the app has an excessively high number of positive reviews or if reviews appear suspiciously similar.

How to stop loan apps from accessing my contacts?

Follow the Steps Mentioned Below to Deny any Apps to Access your contacts on an Android Device.

  • Open Settings on Your Device and Go to the apps option.
  • Select the App You want to want to restrict from accessing your contacts.
  • On the app Settings, you’ll find a list of permissions the app has requested. Tap “Permissions.”
  • Find the “Contacts” permission and toggle it off

Follow the Steps Below for the IOS Device

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and Search For the app Name.
  • Click on the app Icon and You will See all the Permissions that the App Has Access to.
  • Now Simply Scroll Down to Contact and Toggle It Off.

Revoking Your Contact access from these fake apps is fine, But If you have mistakenly downloaded any of these apps, We suggest You Uninstall Them Immediately. This way You will be able to keep Yourself safe from any Online fraud and harassment.

7 days loan app harassment

If You have been a victim of harassment by These Loan apps, first You have to Visit Your Nearest Police Station and register a complaint. Next, visit the National Cyber Crime and Report a complaint There as well. You can also Dial the Fake Loan app harassment complaint Number to Share Your Issue with the Team.

If the Fraud also includes unauthorized financial transactions or withdrawals Through your cards or bank account, contact your bank immediately to Block Your cards and seize your Bank Account. Change passwords for your email, banking, and all other accounts. Also, Make sure to Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance your online security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I complain about fake loan app harassment?

You can Complain about Fake loan apps online through the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre or By Dialing 1930 from Your Mobile.

How do I complain about loan harassment online?

Visit www.cybercrime.gov.in and File a Loan Harassment Complaint Online.

What to do if loan apps harass you?

If you are harassed by loan apps, First uninstall the app from Your Smartphone. Next Lodge a complaint in Your Nearest Police Station or Report online via the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal. Also, Inform Your Bank if There is an unauthorized transaction.

Can I file an FIR against the loan recovery agent?

Yes, You can file an FIR Against the loan Recovery Agent if they harass You.

What is the section for loan harassment?

The Section of Loan Harassment is section 503, Section 506, and section 294 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

Which loan apps are banned?

There are more than 500 Fake Loan apps that are Banned. Read the Full List Here.

Are 7-day loan apps legal in India?

No, 7 7-day loan apps are not legal in India.

Can loan apps access my photos?

Yes, some fake loan apps may request access to your photos. It’s important to review app permissions and restrict access to photos to protect your privacy.

How can I stop the loan app from accessing my contacts?

To Stop the loan apps from Accessing Your Contacts Open Settings on Your Mobile > Go to Apps permission > Scroll to Contact and Revoke the Contacts permissions.

How do I stop loan messages?

To Stop the Loan Messages, You can Directly Block Their Numbers.

How do you deal with fake loan app harassment?

To Deal with fake loan app harassment, you Need to Lodge a complaint with your Local Police as well as the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre

How many loan apps are banned in India?

There are More than 500 Loan apps Banned by the Reserve Bank of India.
In Conclusion

Fake Loan apps in India are a concerning issue that needs to be Solved. Though the Indian Government has Banned More Than 500+ apps, still there are many apps that are being operated for online fraud. People should be aware of These apps and take loans only from RBI Registered Banks, Financial Institutions, and NBFCs.

We hope this article answers all your queries about the Fake loan app harassment complaint. If You have any other queries related to 7 days loan app harassment, Make sure to share them with us in the comments section below.