SDFX Global is real or fake: Review 2024

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SDFX Global is Real or Fake: SDFX Global is a Forex trading platform started in the Year 2022. SDFX Global claims to be a Forex trading Platform, However, their Website doesn’t have any essential information that raises valid concerns about its legitimacy. In this comprehensive review, we will Analyze SDFX Global and Find out whether it is a Legit or Fake Platform.

What is SDFX Global?

As mentioned on Their Website, SDFX Global is a financial brokerage firm that aims to make Trading cheaper and Easier. They claim that They’ve been in online trading for 17 years, and got a team of 229 financial consultants working with them.

As per little information, we found on their website, Their goal is to help people trade without breaking the bank. They believe in giving everyone a fair shot at trading by making it more affordable and simpler to understand.

However, while we were gathering some Information for the Review we found hundreds of Complaints against SDFX online. Let us Find out if You Should trust this Platform or Not.

SDFX Global is real or fake? Everything You Need to Know

SDFX Global is real or fake? SDFX Global is a Fake Trading Platform and Doesn’t have any Government license to Offer such Services. They have exaggerated their experience, team size, or success rate to attract individuals.

After we did their fact-check on their claims, we found inconsistencies and the absence of credible sources supporting their statements. They might use aggressive marketing tactics to entice individuals into investing quickly without providing proper information.

SDFX Global Details – Registration, Email, Contact

Domain Registration Date2022-05-28
Email[email protected]
Contact Number (As Per Website)+91 7601-821-012

SDFX Global Legal and Compliance Check

To find out if SDFX Global is Fake or Not, we checked their company’s Details on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Portal. Upon checking, we could find that this company is registered in West Bengal as a Public Not For Profit Company. For reference, we have attached the Screenshot we Got from the MCA portal.

As per the records from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the company’s status is listed as ‘Active.’ It operates as a company limited by shares, with an authorized capital of Rs 0.00 and a paid-up capital of Rs 0.00.

The fact that SDFX Global is registered as a non-profit organization while offering Forex trading services doesn’t align logically. This mismatch raises suspicions about the authenticity of their operations.

Additionally, they Don’t have any Privacy Policy, terms and Conditions, Disclosure, and Contact Us Pages on their website. The absence of such critical pages on the company’s website signifies a lack of transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is SDFX Global safe?

No, SDFX Global is Not a Safe Website and It is Recommended to not Use their Services for any Trade.

Is SDFX Global SEBI approved?

No, SDFX Global is not a SEBI-approved Firm.

Is SDFX Global RBI approved?

No, SDFX is Not approved by the Reserve Bank of India or RBI

Who is the owner of SDFX?

Currently, There is No Data available about the SDFX Owner

Is SDFX Global registered?

Yes, SDFX is Registered as a Public UnListed Indian Non-Government Company.
In Conclusion

Lack of Proper Information about the company has raised substantial concerns regarding its authenticity and legitimacy as a trading platform. The absence of clear regulatory information, coupled with the discrepancy between its non-profit registration and for-profit Forex trading services, casts doubt on its adherence to industry standards.

If hope this Comprensive review clears all Your doubts regarding SDFX Global and answers the question “SDFX Global is real or fake”. If you have any other queries related to SDFX Global, Please Feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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