Download ICICI Bank RTGS Form Online

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ICICI Bank RTGS Form: In Todays Fast Paced world Fast, secured, and Efficient Transfer of Funds from one Account to another is Very Important for Businesses and Individuals. One such fast and efficient Fund Transfer method is RTGS or Real-time Gross Settlement.

RTGS Stands For Real-Time Gross Settlement. It’s an Electronic Fund Transfer system used for Transferring High Volume Funds from one Bank Account to another in India. This payment System is operated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the country’s central banking authority.

Among So Many Private and Public Sector Banks providing RTGS services, ICICI Bank stands out as One of the Trusted Financial Institutions offering the Best RTGS Service. In this blog post, we will Guide You through the simple steps to Download ICIC Bank RTGS Form online. Moreover, we will also share the Limit and Charges of ICICI Bank RTGS Services.

Download ICICI Bank RTGS Form

After You have Downloaded the ICICI Bank RTGS Form, You need to Fill in all the necessary Details Like Sender’s Account Number, beneficiary Account Number, Name, Branch Address, IFSC Code, Mobile Number, and Amount.

Once Filled, You can visit Your Nearest ICIC Branch to Submit the Form to Branch Manager. The Bank will Initiate the Transactions and Money will be transferred from your account to the beneficiary’s account.

ICICI Bank RTGS Fund Transfer Online Process

  • Login to Your ICICI Bank Internet Using Username and Password.
  • Navigate to Payments and Transfer and Click on Fund Transfer.
  • Click on Add a Payee and select Beneficiary Type as ‘Other Bank Payee’
  • Type the Beneficiary Account Details & Select the Beneficiary IFSC.
  • Click on Add and Confirm.
  • Enter the OTP You will receive on Your Registered Mobile Number.
  • After the Successful Authentication, You can Transfer the Funds to Payee.

ICICI Bank RTGS Charges

upto ₹ 10,000Zero
above ₹ 10,000 and upto ₹ 1 lakhZero
above ₹ 1 lakh and upto ₹ 2 lakhZero
above ₹ 2 lakh and upto ₹ 5 lakh₹ 20 + GST
above ₹ 5 lakh and upto ₹ 10 lakh₹ 45 + GST

The RTGS Fees are Applicable only to Transactions done through ICICI bank Branches. There is No Transactions Fees Initiated through the Internet Banking and Mobile Banking facility.

ICICI Bank RTGS Timings

The ICICI bank RTGS Timings are From 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM Monday to Saturday Expect 2nd & 4th Saturday, Sunday & National Holidays. However, You can use the ICICI bank Net Banking and Mobile Banking to Avail this Fund Transfer Facility 24×7.

Difference Between NEFT and RTGS

NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) and RTGS (Real time Gross Settlement) are electronic fund transfer Systems in India. Both Systems are Used to Transfer Funds However, there are certain key differences between NEFT and RTGS which are Mentioned Below.

  • Settlement Timing: When you use RTGS to transfer money, it goes directly from your account to the recipient’s account right away. On the other hand, in NEFT, transfers are grouped together and done at specific times.
  • Transaction Limits: RTGS Services are Used for High Volume Transactions which are often ₹2 lakh or more. Whereas, NEFT is used for both small and large transactions. There is no minimum or maximum limit for NEFT transactions.
  • Costs: RTGS transactions generally has higher charges compared to NEFT transactions. The charges vary Depending on the amount being transferred.
  • Processing Speed: As the Name Suggests RTGS or Real-time Gross Settlement, transactions are processed and settled in real-time, providing faster transfer of funds between accounts. In NEFT the

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the Processing Charges for RTGS Transactions?

From ₹ 1 lakh and upto ₹ 2 lacks is Zero, From ₹2 Lakh to ₹5 Lakh is ₹20, and From ₹5 Lakh up to 10 Lakh is ₹45.

How much time it will take for an RTGS transfer in ICICI Bank?

RTGS transfers in ICICI Bank are usually processed instantly in Real-time.

What is the limit of RTGS transfer Per Day?

The minimum limit for RTGS transfers in India at ₹2 lakh, and there is no upper limit.

Why is RTGS taking so long?

There are several factors that contribute to the delay of RTGS which includes Bank Operating Hours, Incorrect Details, Verification, and Holidays.

Can I transfer 30 lakhs through RTGS?

Yes, there is no upper limit on RTGS transactions in India.

Is the IFSC code required for RTGS?

Yes, an IFSC code is required for RTGS transactions.

In Conclusion

In this blog post, we have Guided You Through the Steps of How to Download ICICI Bank RTGS Form Online. If You have any other queries related to RTGS, Please Feel Free to share them with us In the Comments Section Below.

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