How to Find IndusInd Bank Customer ID

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Customer ID is a Unique Identification Number given to Every Customer Who Holds a Savings or Current Account with IndusInd Bank. Similar to the Account Number, the Customer ID is also important for Access Services Like Internet Banking and Authorize Account Transactions. In this article, We will Discuss How to Find IndusInd Bank Customer ID and Why It is Important.

IndusInd Bank Limited is India’s one of the Largest Private sector banks in India. Headquartered in Mumbai Maharashtra, IndusInd Bank was established in 1994 by Union Finance Minister Shri Manmohan Singh. With More than 2000+ Branches Spread all over India, IndusInd Bank Offers services including Consumer Banking, Credit card, Net Banking, Mobile Banking, Loans, Insurance, Investment Banking, and More. Below mentioned are Five Different Ways to Find Induslnd Customer ID.

5 Ways to Find IndusInd Bank Customer ID

1. Passbook

Every Customer who opens a Savings or Current Account with IndusInd Bank receives Passbook with their Welcome Kit. The IndusInd bank Customer ID is usually mentioned on the Front Page of the Passbook along with other details such as Name, Account Number, Branch, and IFSC Code. If the Customer has not received a Passbook at the time of Account Opening, They can visit their nearest IndusInd Bank to Request a New Passbook.

2. Account Statement

Account Statement is Another easy way to Find IndusInd Customer ID. If You are using Internet Banking Services, You can Download your Monthly Account Statement to check the Customer ID. The Account Statement is also provided by the Bank every month, either in physical or electronic form. It is Usually Mentioned in the First Page of the Account Statement.

3. Cheque Book

The Customer ID is also Mentioned in the Cheque Book Issued by Bank. When you receive a checkbook from your bank, you’ll find that the Customer ID is Printed on the Cover Page or the First page of Cheque Book Along with other Details like the Account Number.

4. Internet Banking

If You are using IndusInd Bank Internet Banking, You can log in to Your Account using the Username and Password to Get the customer ID. It is also one of the Safest ways to Find the IndusInd Bank Customer ID. Your Customer ID might be displayed on your account dashboard or in your profile settings.

5. Visit Your Branch

If You are Unable to Find Your IndusInd Customer Through any of the Methods Mentioned above, You can Visit Your Branch and Request the bank officials to Help You Find Your Customer ID. Provide them with the necessary details like Your Account Number and They will Provide You the Customer ID.

Other than all the methods Mentioned Above, You can also find Your IndusInd Customer ID through Mobile Banking and also by calling the IndusInd Bank Customer Care at 18602677777.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is my customer ID in IndusInd Bank?

Customer ID is a Unique 10 Digital Number Issued by Bank to Every Customer.

How can I contact IndusInd Bank customer service?

You can Contact IndusInd Bank Customer Service using the Toll-Free Number 18602677777 or by sending an email to [email protected].

How will I get my customer ID?

You can Get Your Customer ID via Passbook, Internet Banking, Account statement, and Cheque Book.

Is the customer ID and account number the same?

No, the Customer ID and Account Number are Not the Same.

Is customer ID unique or not?

Yes, Customer ID is a Unique 10 Digital Number Issued by the bank to Every Customer.

Where is the customer ID in the passbook?

Usually, the Customer ID is Mentioned on the Front Page of the Passbook.

In Conclusion

Finding Your IndusInd Bank Customer ID is an Easy Process that ensures you have a Seamless Banking Experience. From Internet Banking to online Transactions, Customer ID is an Important Number that is Required for verification. We Hope this Article answers all Your queries related to IndusInd Bank Customer ID. If You have any other queries or Suggestions, Please Feel Free to share them with us in the comments section below.